Social Permaculture Online Bootcamp

Social Permaculture Online Bootcamp

Empowerment and resilience during the coronavirus crisis


With an emphasis on transmutation, Social Permaculture Online Bootcamp with Dr Ben Habib is a weekly video series exploring issues, problems and anxieties associated with the COVID-19 crisis. Ben draws insights from permaculture and beyond to think about how we might respond, with a specific focus on the socio-economic applications of permaculture.

Why a “bootcamp”? This is about doing the work necessary to create a better world. Each video includes a practical activity to help viewers put theory into practice. While we’re socially distancing and isolating during lockdown, we can use this time to reflect on our place in the socio-economic ecosystem, develop our knowledge, and establish networks of social connections. Through doing the work, we can be the compost in which a grassroots post-COVID19 and post-carbon recovery can grow, based on Earth care, people care and fair share.

The material in this series is inspired by Ben’s contributions to the permaculture design course at CERES Community Environment Park in Melbourne, his academic research into the global permaculture movement and international climate change politics, his engagement with community and activist organisations, and his public advocacy on mental health. Most importantly, it is inspired by and complimentary to the wisdom and practice developed by permaculture practitioners around the world. All credit goes to the permaculture movement.


01. Introduction to Social Permaculture Online Bootcamp.

02. Making the next decision.

03. Subsistence needs and gift economies.

04. Relationships and connection.

05. Surfing the wave of complex inter-connection.

06. Permaculture ethics and systems of power.

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