Mental Health and Neurodiversity

On 8th February 2016 I suffered a panic attack on national television, which led me to start writing publicly about my personal experiences with anxiety and depression. This journey eventually led me to a diagnosis of autism.  This page catalogues my writings and media on mental health and provides links to helpful resources.

Ben Habib – “What if Feels Like to Freeze on National Television.” Republished by The Drum, Mamamia, Huffington Post, 11 February 2016.

Ben’s infamous ABC News Breakfast interview, 8 February 2016

Talking about it: Writing


Habib, B. (forthcoming) “Coming out twice: How my ‘nuclear meltdown’ helped me to embrace my madness and autism.” in Smith, P. (ed.) Tinfoil Hats: Stories by Mad People in an Insane World, Autonomous Press.


Zirnsak, T & Habib, B. (2022), “Learning from Each Other: An Autoethnographic Dialogue on Being Mad in the Academy” in (ed.) C. McGunnigle. Disability and the Academic Job Market, Delaware: Vernon Press, pp. 3-30.



Ben Habib – “Jam Session: Understanding my anxiety through basketball.” 22 February 2016.

Ben Habib – “Kick-Drum Therapy: Hard Music as My Anxiety Medicine.”

Ben Habib – “Riding the Tiger: My Journey Public Speaking with Anxiety.”

Ben Habib – “A Load Off My Shoulders: Removing My Social Armour.”

Ben Habib – “Drifting in Darkness: Battling the Depression that Accompanies Anxiety.”

Ben Habib – “What It Feels Like for an Anxious Introvert to Freeze on National Television.” Introvert, Dear. 18 August 2016.

Ben Habib – “I Put on My Social Armour to Cope With My Anxiety.” Introvert Dear. 01 September 2016.

Ben Habib – “The Hostile Workplace: Finished Before Your Time.”

Ben Habib – “Anxiety and Green Space: The Nature of Healthy Escapism.”

Talking about it: Media

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