LTU-WSSC Year 10 Workshop: Migration and Refugees Reference Page

On Friday 11th May 2012, year 10 students from Wodonga Senior Secondary College will be participating in excursions related to their studies on refugees to the Bonegilla Migrant Experience and workshops at La Trobe University Albury-Wodonga campus.  This page has been established as a resource for WSSC students to prepare for and debrief after their excursions on May 11th.

The excursions to Bonegilla and the workshops at LTU have several aims:

  • Help students to form reasoned opinions on refugee issues, based on systematic research from credible information sources.
  • To form an understanding of the causes of forced migration.
  • To evaluate different views on Australia’s refugee program and the impact of multiculturalism on Australian society.

 In addition, this collaboration will provide a number of benefits in terms of professional development:

  • To instil in both WSSC and LTU students an enjoyment of learning and pride in being intelligent. 
  • Provide an opporunity for WSSC students to the sample the university experience and see university study as a meaningful career pathway after high school.
  • Give LTU Bachelor of Arts students valuable hands-on experience in group leadership and facilitation.


Refugee Destination Countries: Global Comparison

Bonegilla Excursion and La Trobe University Workshop: Preparation Resources

1. Visit the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship webpage Fact Sheet 60 – Australia’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program and using this information, answer the following questions:

  • What is the definition of a “refugee”?
  • How many refugees arrived in Australia during the year 2010-2011?
  • What were the top ten countries of origin for refugees resettled in Australia in 2010-2011?
  • Find out what is happening in each of these countries that might be forcing people to leave.

2. Complete the activity African Journey: Tutorial 1, based on the three-part SBS TV documentary Go Back to Where You Came From.  The family featured in this video clip live in Albury-Wodonga and are part of the La Trobe University student community.

3. Complete the online simulation game Assylum: Exit Australia.


Information Checklist for Bonegilla Migrant Experience

Estonian migrants at Bonegilla.

To get the most out of their excursion to Bonegilla, WSSC students should complete the following checklist during their Bonegilla tour:

  1. What was the purpose of housing migrants at Bonegilla Army Camp?
  2. During what years was Bonegilla used for migrant accommodation?
  3. How many refugees came through the camp during this period?
  4. What countries did the refugees come from?
  5. Why did the refugees come to Australia during this period?
  6. What challenges did refugees encounter on arrival at Bonegilla?

DOWNLOAD: Checklist – Bonegilla Migrant Experience


Additional Resources







Previous Collaborations Between La Trobe University and Wodonga Senior Secondary College

Over the past twelve months the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at La Trobe University Albury-Wodonga and Wodonga Senior Secondary College have conducted a number of successful collaborative projects:


WSSC Year 11 students visit La Trobe University Albury-Wodonga for workshop on social movements, 7th September 2011.


  1. This is an extraordinary website Ben – a fantastic resource for exploring this fascinating topic and especially so when coupled with the Block 19 excursion – until recently one of the almost hidden treasures of the heritage of Albury Wodonga. The Murray Valley Bushwalkers completed a walk in the footsteps of the migrants last Saturday from the Bonegilla platform to Block 19 followed by a guided tour led by Lil Waugh. i think we need to encourage some politicians to visit both this website and Block 19 for some re-education.

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