Chongjin: North Korea’s “City of Iron”

Chongjin is North Korea’s third-largest city and capital of North Hamgyong Province.  The city is best known as the locus of steel production in the DPRK, having been established as an industrial centre by the Japanese during the 1930s (hence the nick-name the Iron City).

Chongjin was reportedly one of the areas worst affected by malnutrition during the Arduous March period in the mid-1990s.  The city has since recovered from the low-point of the famine and is now experiencing a development renaissance of sorts.  Visitors to the Chongjin Exhibition Hall are shown a scale model development plan for the city’s downtown promenade.  Construction of new buildings in this precinct is already underway, as some of the photos below illustrate.

I spent an afternoon in Chongjin during my trip to North Korea’s North Hamgyong Province in July 2013.  This photo gallery documents my visit…

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