National Climate Action Day 2013

When my son grows up, I will have to look him in the eye and tell him I tried my best to limit the damage to his future.  I want to be able to tell him that I stepped up when it counted.

To that end, today my family and I joined 30,000+ Melbournians in the Treasury Gardens and tens of thousands of others around the country to demand stronger government action to mitigate climate change.  This photo gallery is my personal record of the occasion.

Click here for links to all my posting on this blog related to climate change.  For a chronological list of key scientific, governmental and inter-governmental reports, and international legal documents, from 1827 to the present, click here or select the Key Climate Change Documents tab at the top of the page.


    • I agree, our society’s climate mitigation and adaptation project has to be driven from the grassroots.

      Shame about the rain in Newcastle on the day of the rally, for once the sun was out here in Melbourne!

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