Shootin’ the Shit #01: Carol and Ben Chat About Footy

Dr Carloyn D’Cruz and Dr Benjamin Habib critically examine Australian rules football as a microcosm of Australian society and a mirror onto ourselves. We rap about how class, politics, corporatisation, race, gender and LGBT issues percolate in the cauldron of professional footy.

Why are we shootin’ the shit?

We are modelling a process of critical dialogue, two intelligent people having a thoughtful, informal discussion about important social issues through the perspective of a topic—football—that a lot of people can relate to.  Through this kind of dialogue we can come to a deeper understanding of the society we live in, with a view to improving our society as more effective social, political, economic and institutional actors.

Further Resources:

Lisa Farrance. (2012). ‘Living the life within‘. Overland. Vol. 209.

David Lowden. (2013). ‘Racism in the AFL: Eddie McGuire and the media prove there’s still a long way to go‘. The Conversation, 01 June 2013.

Tom Heenan and David Dunston. (2013). ‘Eddie McGuire, Adam Goodes and ‘apes’: a landmark moment in Australian race relations‘. The Conversation, 31 May 2013.

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