Changing Our Relationship to Economic Systems Through Permaculture Design

OASES Graduate School Breakfast Series — Saturday 5th September 2015.

In my presentation Changing Our Relationship to Economic Systems Through Permaculture Design, I suggest that permaculture design principles can by applied to the design of social and economic systems, and suggest that we can design for creative responses to food sovereignty, money and debt, energy dependency, property rights and ownership, and alienation from economic production systems.  In the associated audience discussion, I asked participants to consider what economic dependencies exist in their lives that are obstacles to low-carbon living and how can we might design our communities to overcome them.  Audio of my presentation is available here:

The full playlist of the event, including the contributions of my co-presenters and Q&A with the audience, can be accessed here:

OASES September Breakfast: Donna Livermore, Sally MacAdams, Ben Habib, Nathan Alison and Catherine O’Shea will share their learnings and experiences transitioning towards a low carbon, localized lifestyle: transition towns, co-housing, permaculture and local energy trading systems (LETS). Please bring your stories, questions, and quandaries: what is shifting? How is your community responding to the call? What is inspiring them to connect and share? Where is the energy moving? What are we as change agents and transitioners moving towards?

OASES September Breakfast
OASES September Breakfast


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