SEV Global Politics Workshop: Global Trends and Risk Analysis

Social Education Victoria: Global Politics Planning Day
Graduate House, Melbourne University

In this presentation, I suggest global meta trends–including global economic instability, energy system transition, ecological degradation, technological change, and hegemonic transition–and risk analysis as analytical lenses for examining contemporary events in international relations. The recent terrorist attacks in Paris provided a framing for our discussion.

Thank you to the participants in this workshop for your warm welcome and lively discussion, as well as James Fiford and Augusta Zeeng from Social Education Victoria for their invitation to participate in the Global Politics Planning Day.

Ben’s Previous Work with SEV

Habib, B. (2015). ‘Sustainability is Not Enough: A Call for Regeneration‘. Ethos. 23(2). pp. 7-10.

SEV Conference 2015: Environmental Degradation and Climate Change.

SEV Conference: Global Ethics Panel (with Gus Humphries, Dr Tim Thornton and Dr Kumuda Simpson).

One comment

  1. Ben,

    This is an excellent input for the external analysis to develop the strategic plan for permaculture movement.

    Have you thought to share it on the PcNBS GEL site for the strategy group?

    That’s a Dorothy Dix question to discuss Ian’s idea of a more local Australian Next Big Step forum.

    Did you have a chat with Naomi about your preferred involvement in the NBS? What was agreed?



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