VCE Global Politics Seminar: Global Actors and Challenges @ Catholic College Bendigo

Dr Benjamin Habib, Paige Winkel and Nick Procter from the Department of Politics and Philosophy at La Trobe University join Nick Melaisis and his VCE Global Politics students at Catholic College Bendigo for a forum on Units 3 and 4 of the VCE Global Politics curriculum on global actors and global challenges. The panel discusses the relevance of the state in the twenty-first century, the evolving role of China in the Asia-Pacific region, international law and competing visions of a global rules-based order, and the role of international cooperation in crisis resolution.

Thank you to Nick Melaisis for the invitation to engage with his students, to Catholic College Bendigo for hosting our visit, and to the students themselves for their warm welcome and insightful questions.  We wish the students all the best for their upcoming exams.