Loosen the noose: In critique of the neck tie

It has always mystified me how a noose came to become a staple of men’s fashion.  It is ironic that the noose is the men’s fashion item de jour at a time when our society is destroying itself.

Odious man of power.

The neck tie is a signifier of power.  It is the uniform of choice (along with the accompanying business suit) for men of power, whose maniacal greed and disregard for life are a mortal threat to humanity.  The present moment needs justice and equality, not a racket for the powerful.  Reject the tie, reject the racket, embrace love and respect for all.


The neck tie is a symbol of oppressive conformity.  It is a symbol of white collar servitude of the technocrats who staff the bureaucracies that make the world safer for men of power.  The present moment requires empowered human beings who can think for themselves, not drone-like automatons mindlessly fulfilling the whims of the powerful.  Reject the tie, reject automation of the mind, embrace your empowerment.


The neck tie is a symbol of vanity for the fashion-conscious, whose superficiality is matched in scale only by the cavernous void between their ears.  The present moment calls for people who value substance over style, reality over confection, deep connection over shallow utility.  Reject the tie, reject the vacuous, embrace the full potential of your being.

C’mon gentlemen, it’s time to take off the noose.