How climate change interacts with other global crises: VCE Global Politics (Unit 4)

In this presentation to VCE Global Politics students on 2 August 2019, hosted by Social Education Victoria, Dr Ben Habib explores how climate change interacts with other global crises listed in Unit 4 of the VCE Global Politics syllabus–armed conflict, terrorism, and economic instability.

Ben begins by acknowledging the psychological burden of climate change as an existential crisis. He then discusses resilience, vulnerability and adaptive capacity as tools for evaluating the security risks associated with climate change. He then explores three different country case studies to explain our climate change interacts dynamically with other global crises. He concludes by illustrating an “ecosystem” of governance responses to climate change at different scales, from the individual person to the international community.

Thank you to Augusta Zeeng from Social Education Victoria for the invitation to participate in this event, and to the participating students for their warm welcome and insightful questions.