Edge Dwellers Cafe Podcast: The Ari Project and amplifying the voices of migrant women with Hyein Ellen Cho

Hyein Ellen Cho is a PhD candidate at Monash University with research interests in the Korean diaspora in Australia, domestic and family violence, and North Korean migration. Prior to commencing her PhD studies, she worked as a project manager in the Cultural and Economic Affairs Section at the Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea in Melbourne.

00:00:00  Introduction

00:03:30  Intersectionality and Hyein’s research on domestic and family violence (DFV) in the Korean diaspora community in Australia.

00:07:42  Amplifying and mainstreaming the voices of DFV survivors, particularly those from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

00:12:46  DFV survivor testimony about the limitations of organisational support for CALD women.

00:15:19  Visa status as a complicating constraint for migrant women experiencing DFV.

00:15:02  Understanding one’s lived experience of abuse as DFV.

00:19:41  Relationship-building and establishing trust with survivor interviewees.

00:21:54  ‘The Story of Ari‘ – Creative artistic rendition of Korean migrant women’s DFV survivor testimonies.

00:26:45  Human trafficking of female North Korean refugees in China.

00:31:29  Are there North Korean refugees in Australia?

00:32:25  Initial challenges of university study as an interantional student.

00:34:58  Overcoming self-doubt and the extra effort required to study in a second language.

00:37:46  PhD study as an international student during the COVID pandemic.

00:39:42  Importance of a support network of good academic mentors.

00:44:05  The Australasian Korean Studies Higher Degree Researcher (HDR) and Early Career Researcher (EDR) Support Group.

00:49:58  Building Korea-Australia relations beyond superficial instrumental dealings.

00:52:00  Cross-cultural competency and the politics of Australia’s place in Asia.

00:55:45  Impact of Hallyu (Korean Wave) in Australia.

00:57:11  The dual identities of ‘Hyein’ and ‘Ellen’.

00:59:40  Working at the ROK Consulate-General in Melbourne.

01:02:18  Conclusion.

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About Hyein Ellen Cho

Hyein Ellen Cho is a PhD candidate at Monash University in the School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures & Linguistics. She received both her BA in International Studies (International Relations, Middle Eastern Studies and History) and MA in International Relations. Prior to commencement of her PhD journey here at Monash, she worked as a project manager (Cultural and Economic Affairs Section) at the Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea in Melbourne. Hyein’s current research project is entitled ‘An intersectional approach to the lived experience of DFV in South Korean Australian diasporic communities’. Her research interests include the Korean diaspora in Australia, domestic and family violence (DFV), and North Korean migration.

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