Vision Journeys: Snapshots from the healing path

Join me, Ben Habib, on a journey through the beauty and transformative power of meditation and spirit journey visions. In my “Journey Visions” playlist, I share short artistic videos of the inspiring visions I’ve encountered during my inner explorations.

Whether you’re seeking to heal from past traumas, grow as an individual, or simply connect with the beauty of the inner world, my playlist offers unique and powerful snapshots from my long, deep and profound mental health journey.

These images are inspired from a variety of complementary practices and life experiences, from shamanic journey techniques, traditional counselling, and embodied practices from reading, yoga and basketball, to overseas travel, entheogenic ritual and ecstatic dancing at rave parties back in the day.

This project is a creative outlet for me, but one that I aim to make holistic and inclusive. Each image holds deep personal resonance for me. I invite you to connect with them in your own unique way, transcending the boundaries of my individual experience to tap into the universal power of healing and transformation.

New videos added daily. Thank you for sharing these moments with me!

Vision Journeys playlist via Edge Dwellers Cafe channel on YouTube.

Images in the “Journey Visions” shorts were created from my own personal journal entries and pencil sketches, and enhanced using the Deep Art Effects app and Midjourney AI image generator. Audio from Pixabay. Edge Dwellers Cafe logo by Sarah Cook Design.

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