Federal Election 2010: Candidates Forum for the Electorate of Farrer

Because the voters of Farrer want more than sound bites for their election coverage.

On this page you will find podcast interviews with each of the candidates for the seat of Farrer in the 2010 federal election.  The candidates were asked a set of similar questions on local issues, the state of political debate in Australia, climate change, the economy, and border security.  This framework therefore gives you a basis to directly compare philosophical positions and policy proposals of each candidate and the party they represent.

Each of the candidates are good people who have made a strong contribution to their local communities.  The important differences between them are their positions on important issues.  Please use the Comments function on this posting to debate the relative merits of each candidate, praise specific points made, or question their positions.  Contact details are also listed for each candidate, so please engage with them directly through the election campaign to make your voice heard!


Stephen Bingle (Australian Democrats)

Email:  steve.bingle@hotmail.com

Phone:  0404 461 517



Louise Burge (Independent) – Interview.mp3

Email:  prairie@deni.net.au

Phone:  0428 984 570



Peter Carruthers (Greens)

Email: farrer@greens.org.au



Jason Clancy (Independent)

Email: jason@clancy.com.au


Mathew Crothers (Secular Party of Australia) – Interview.mp3

Phone: 0437 406 330

Email:  mathewc@purtills.com.au



Christian Emmery (Labor) – Interview.mp3

Phone: 0437 384 396

Email: christian.emmery@alp.com.au

Website: http://www.alp.org.au/federal-government/labor-people/christian-emmery/


Sussan Ley (Liberal) – Interview.mp3

Phone: (02) 6021 3264  (Albury office)

Email: Sussan.Ley.MP@aph.gov.au

Website: http://www.sussanley.com/


James Male (Christian Democratic Party)

Email: jamesfmale@active8.net.au

Phone: 0429 203 702

Website: http://www.cdp.org.au/


For more information, see Antony Green’s guide to the 2010 federal election for the seat of Farrer (ABC Online): http://www.abc.net.au/elections/federal/2010/guide/farr.htm

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