Federal Election 2010: Candidates Forum for the Electorate of Indi

Because the voters of Indi want more than sound bites for their election coverage.

On this page you will find podcast interviews with each of the candidates for the seat of Indi in the 2010 federal election.  The candidates were asked a set of similar questions on local issues, the state of political debate in Australia, climate change, the economy, and border security.  This framework therefore gives you a basis to directly compare philosophical positions and policy proposals of each candidate and the party they represent.

Each of the candidates are good people who have made a strong contribution to their local communities.  The important differences between them are their positions on important issues.  Please use the Comments function on this posting to debate the relative merits of each candidate, praise specific points made, or question their positions.  Contact details are also listed for each candidate, so please engage with them directly through the election campaign to make your voice heard!


Mark Carey (Democrats) – Interview (mp3)

Phone: 0418 542 070

Email: mark.carey@democrats.org.au

Website: http://www.democrats.org.au/


Robert Cavedon (Family First Party)

Phone:  0439 078 053

Email:  info@vic.familyfirst.org.au


Alan Lappin (Independent) – Interview (mp3)

Phone:  0447 155 000

Email: bigal2canberra@optusnet.com.au

Website: http://bigal2canberra.com/


Zuvele Leschen (Labor) – Interview (mp3)

Phone: (03) 5754 2279

Email: zuvele.Leschen@australianlabor.com.au

Website: http://www.alp.org.au/federal-government/labor-people/zuvele-leschen/


Sophie Mirabella (Liberal) – Interview (mp3)

Phone:  (03) 5721 5377

Email:  Sophie.Mirabella.MP@aph.gov.au



Jenny O’Connor (Greens) – Interview (mp3)

Phone: 0417 126 409

Email:  jenocon@aanet.com.au



For more information, see Antony Green’s guide to the 2010 federal election for the seat of Indi (ABC Online): http://www.abc.net.au/elections/federal/2010/guide/indi.htm

2 thoughts on “Federal Election 2010: Candidates Forum for the Electorate of Indi

  1. Sophie Miraabella’s Website implies Labor has left a massive debt. The Reserve Bank Govenor, Glenn Stevens, stated” there is virtuallyl no net public debt in the country at all, in contrast to much of the developed workld”. Ex Reserve Bank Govenor, Bernie Fraser, agreed with this and also stated that Liberals were poor economic managers because they refused to support the stimulus package in a time of need.

    Given that Australia’s debt is to peak at 90 billion in 2012 -13 and this is only 6% of Gross Demostic Product (GDP) compared to debts of 84% of GDP for Britain, 86% of the GDP for USA and 154% for Japan I wonder on what basis Sophie states we have a debt crises in Australia.

  2. I had to ask someone today if I had to vote. I thought maybe INDI was uncontested or something. I have had nothing in my mail about postal voting, nothing about any of the candidates, and theres none of those terrible photo signs around town.
    Do we now have to search and find out for ourselves who the candidates are and what they stand for???
    Ok I’m here now and if I can be bothered I will read and listen to what each has to say but many others cannot or will not.
    Avenel Vict 3664

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