Behind North Korea’s curtain

With North Korea threatening nuclear war, Hannah Rabe talks to Dr Benjamin Habib about life inside the isolated state. 

It’s become common knowledge that North Korea is a repressive state. They fund nuclear weapons instead of feeding a starving population, and allow no opposition groups whatsoever.  At least this is how it appears to the western eye…

See Hannah Rabe’s full article here on Upstart.

Upstart is a website run by students from the journalism program at La Trobe University.  It provides a platform for journalism students to develop their skills and develop publication portfolios.  Upstart also functions as a resource for emerging journalists by showcasing a broad range of contemporary media practice.

Juche Tower in Pyongyang
Juche Tower in Pyongyang

I would like to thank Hannah Rabe for her professional and engaging interview.  Hannah’s work is a testament to LTU’s journalism program.

Ben H.

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