Permaculture’s Next Big Step @ APC12

Ben Habib led a participatory workshop at the 12th Australasian Permaculture Convergence (9-12 March 2015) to solicit responses from participants on the Permaculture’s Next Big Step project. The workshop explored the evolution of the project and reflected on how the traditionally diffuse horizontal organisation of the permaculture movement could be married with the benefits of scale that might come from greater international coordination.  Audio and the slideshow from the workshop can be viewed here…

Australia's PNBS team (L-R): Ben Habib, April Sampson-Kelly, Ed Walta, Robin Clayfield and Ian Lillington
Australia’s PNBS team (L-R): Ben Habib, April Sampson-Kelly, Ed Walta, Robin Clayfield and Ian Lillington

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Thank you to all the APC12 participants who attended the Tuesday night panel discussion with Andy Goldring via Skype from the UK and the Australian PNBS team, those who took part in the Wednesday workshop, and those who offered input at various other times during the convergence.

Our presentation and workshop at APC12 were designed to raise awareness of the online surveys that are our primary mechanism for assessing the collective needs of permaculture practitioners, gauging the enthusiasm of the permaculture movement for an internationally coordinated hub and to solicit input on what this international entity might look like.  You can complete a survey as both an individual permaculture practitioner and as a representative of a permaculture organisation…

Survey for individuals: Coming Soon!

Survey for organisations:

Your input is greatly appreciated and will go a long way to improving the outputs of the PNBS project.  Please circulate the survey URLs across your networks; the more people who complete the surveys, the more representative of the wishes of the global permaculture movement the outputs of the PNBS project will be and the higher the quality of the proposals that are put forward for action.

Further Information

Naomi van der Velden – Permacultures Next Big Step

The Permalogues – Naomi van der Velden, ‘Permaculture’s Next Big Step’

Ben Habib – Permacultures Next Big Step: Thoughts on Networking Globally

Penguin, Tasmania: Host town for APC12
Penguin, Tasmania: Host town for APC12

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