SEV Conference: Environmental Degradation and Climate Change

Climate change is the defining social, economic and political issue of the 21st century.  On Friday 20th March I was invited to speak at the VCE Teachers Conference in Melbourne, hosted by Social Education Victoria, on the topic of environmental degradation and climate change.  The presentation addresses Area of Study 2: Crises and Responses within the Global Politics Unit 4: Global Challenges in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) curriculum…

SEV Global Politics textbook

In this unit students investigate key global challenges facing the international community in the twenty-first century. They examine and analyse the debates surrounding two ethical issues, which are underpinned by the contested notion of global citizenship. They then evaluate the effectiveness of responses to these issues. Students also explore the context and causes of global crises, and consider the varying effectiveness of responses and challenges to solving them. This unit is concerned with contemporary issues and events. While these may have antecedents in issues and events before the twenty-first century that students need to understand to contextualise contemporary global situations, focus needs to be on the twenty-first century when choosing particular examples and case studies.

In my presentation, I explore the causes and impacts of climate change, including the justice dimensions of historic responsibility for emissions and vulnerability to climate change impacts, the international response to climate change centred on the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and its conference of parties negotiating process, and challenges to effective climate response, including the structure of the economy, dependence on fossil fuels, political deadlock, and social attitudes.

I am available to deliver presentations at schools on topics of interest to the VCE Global Politics curriculum. You can find a record of my previous engagement with high school audiences here. I likewise invite professional members of school communities to come to La Trobe University to sit in on my lectures, liaise with LTU international relations students and take advantage of the expertise we have on offer. Please contact me ( if I can be of assistance to your teaching program.


2 thoughts on “SEV Conference: Environmental Degradation and Climate Change

  1. Ben,

    You certainly get around. good on you!

    We had a good teleconference this morning. I acknowledged you for your representation of the NBS project and Ian also spoke about the growing awareness and interest for the project.

    The meeting considered the key inputs from Starhawk and Andy regarding how we make decisions, and accepted that this approach should be documented as the first proposal to the IPCUK for their consent. Facilitation training was sighted as important and Robin Clayfield has post relevant resources.

    Trust you got back from the APC ok? I had a great time kayaking in the south west and now going to concentrate on engaging with several key people that have agreed to become more involved in strategic planing for the movement. check out a short slideshow.

    Let me know how your workload goes so that I include you where possible.

    Thanks Ed

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