SEV Conference: Global Ethics Panel

SEV Global Politics textbook

On Friday 20th March I was invited with Dr Kumuda Simpson and Dr Tim Thornton to speak on a panel at the VCE Teachers Conference in Melbourne, hosted by Social Education Victoria, on the topic of global ethics and debates.  The presentation addresses Area of Study 2: Crises and Responses within the Global Politics Unit 4: Global Challenges in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) curriculum…

In this unit students investigate key global challenges facing the international community in the twenty-first century. They examine and analyse the debates surrounding two ethical issues, which are underpinned by the contested notion of global citizenship. They then evaluate the effectiveness of responses to these issues. Students also explore the context and causes of global crises, and consider the varying effectiveness of responses and challenges to solving them. This unit is concerned with contemporary issues and events. While these may have antecedents in issues and events before the twenty-first century that students need to understand to contextualise contemporary global situations, focus needs to be on the twenty-first century when choosing particular examples and case studies.

The panel:

  • Ben Habib: Is our our obligation to strangers more important than national interest?
  • Kumuda Simpson: Complete nuclear disarmament is the only way.
  • Tim Thornton: Development must be sustainable.
  • Gus Humphries: Teachers’ representative.

Thank you to James Fiford and Augusta Zeeng from Social Education Victoria for the invitation to participate in this event.

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