1. Introduction to Social Permaculture Online Boot Camp

In this first episode of the series, Ben Habib introduces the ‘Social Permaculture Online Bootcamp’. With an emphasis on transmutation, this series will explore issues, problems and anxieties associated with the COVID-19 crisis, and draw from insights from social permaculture and beyond to think about how we might respond.

Ben’s key question is this: What is our role in the greater ecosystem of COVID-19 resilience and sustainability transition?

The material in this series is inspired by Ben’s contributions to the permaculture design course at CERES Community Environment Park in Melbourne, his academic research into the global permaculture movement and international climate change politics, his engagement with community and activist organisations, and his public advocacy on mental health. Most importantly, it is inspired the wisdom and the extraordinary body of work developed by permaculture practitioners around the world. All credit goes to the permaculture movement.

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