2. Making the next decision

In Episode 2 of Social Permaculture Online Bootcamp, Ben Habib confronts the feeling of overwhelm and powerlessness that many of us are feeling in the COVID-19 moment. Ben looks to the acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) framework for guidance, and specifically to a recent article “FACE COVID” published by renowned psychotherapist Russ Harris, author of the “The Happiness Trap.” In this time of disruption and anxiety, Ben likes this model to help get grounded so that we can put one foot in front of the other and make the next decision.

Companion article to this video: Russ Harris, “FACE COVID,” 2020.

Taking it further

For more on the work of Russ Harris, see: ACT Mindfully.

For an explanation of the acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) framework, see this explainer from Nesh Nikolic, clinical psychologist and host of the Better Thinking Podcast: The ACT Hexaflex.

For more on getting in touch with your body, see somatic ecologist Brittany Jane (The Earthbody Movement), along with with trauma therapist Bessel van der Kolk, and psychotherapist Gabor Maté.

Social Permaculture Bootcamp

With an emphasis on transmutation, Social Permaculture Online Bootcamp will explore issues, problems and anxieties associated with the COVID-19 crisis, and draw from insights from social permaculture and beyond to think about how we might respond.

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