US decline and hegemonic transition

In this video, I explore the question of the decline of the United States as a hegemonic power. I begin by defining hegemony and then examining five key characteristics of hegemonic power as they relate to the US, looking for signs of weakness and risk. I argue that there is indeed evidence of absolute US decline, and that we’re currently in a phase of hegemonic transition. I conclude by exploring the process of hegemonic transition and identifying possible transition scenarios.

Hegemonic decline and transition is an important lens through which to analyse contemporary international relations. Its shadow is cast over almost every current event in world affairs.

I have compiled versions of this presentation for my MA subject Security in the Asia-Pacific (POL5IJC) in the Master of International Relations program, and my undergraduate subject States, Security and International Relations (POL1SNS) in the Bachelor of International Relations program at La Trobe University.

Thank you to Jess Love for producing the intro and outro sequences for this video.